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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Rose and Leaf lace trim. Dusty Pink & Gold Thread

Rose and Leaf lace trim. Dusty Pink & Gold Thread

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This exquisite Rose and leaf lace is woven thread excellence, combining a Dusty Rose Pink with Gold thread and sparkly bits making this a true fairy trim as if made by another realm and time. A touch of Acqua makes this lace Ethereal.
The rose bouquets can be cut off without any fraying, making this trim perfect for small projects like slow stitching, journalling, snippet collections, and more. This beautiful rose border can be sewn onto clothes, homewares, handbags, costumes, tutus, and more. The gold and sparkle catch the light as the trim is moved.
Width is approx 2 inches (5 cm ) Separate rose and leaf motifs are approx 3 inches long.
This lace is sold by the meter.
Please note that once cut in the length you require it cannot be returned. If you order 2 0r more units it will be cut as a continuous piece

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