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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Primavera linen Dress. White.

Primavera linen Dress. White.

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This beautiful linen dress is one of our best selling styles

The beautiful Primavera dress ( Springtime in Italian ) is a very easy to wear, loose-fitting but very flattering dress for all shapes and sizes,
from petite to a full size 18.
the details include linen tabs under the front of the skirt that pulls up the skirt in very pretty layers, you can adjust the length and gathers to
your liking or simply leave the skirt to hang down.
the wonder of linen is that it acts as an insulator for any season.. in the Summer letting air circulate between your body and the fabric, and in
Winter leaving space to layer, with long-sleeve T-shirts and leggings, making this dress perfect for any day of the year.

Measurements... One size, Bust - 120cm, Hips - 150cm, Length - 115cm (circumference)

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