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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Exquisite antique lace and ephemera collection pack. Basket & lace

Exquisite antique lace and ephemera collection pack. Basket & lace

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We love Antique and Vintage laces, collecting them all over our travels and from private collections. We are so happy to offer some very rare and exquisite packs of very old laces. all in very good condition.
Each pack has a selection of old lace in different sizes and shades of cream, aged beautifully with a wonderful patina. The pieces are different in each pack and can be used for all mixed-media projects. journaling, scrapbooking, sewing heirloom items, and collage, adding to and embellishing clothing and homeware items. This lace will add that special something in a way no new lace can.
Each pack has an added old-fashioned scrap or piece of paper ephemera.
Please bear in mind we have a limited collection and no two will be the same but each will be as beautiful and carefully curated as the other.

Price is for one pack.

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