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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Botanical Luxury Bath Soaks.

Botanical Luxury Bath Soaks.

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Take some time out for yourself to luxuriate in a bath with essential oils and invigorating bath salts. 

Mimosa Botanicals is an old-world apothecary studio based in a historic Goldfield town in country NSW. endeavoring always to use the highest quality ingredients which include organic, locally sourced ingredients, 100% pure essential oils, flowers, herbs, resins, barks, and clays

100% free from synthetics.

Essential oils play such an important role in aromatherapy with their uplifting, cleansing, joyful properties.

choose from 

Australian Mandarin & Vanilla Bean Bath Soak 125 gm sachet

Ylang Ylang & Australian Sandalwood 125 gm

Rose Bath Soak 125 gm

Geranium, Orange & Cacao Bath Soak 125 gm

Frankincense & Lemon Bath Soak 125 gm

French Lavender & Oat Milk Bath Soak 125 gm

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