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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Vintage Embroidered floral ribbon. Alabaster and Blush.

Vintage Embroidered floral ribbon. Alabaster and Blush.

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This delicate Vintage embroidered ribbon trimming is perfect for bookbinding, slow stitching, journalling, and all craft and sewing projects. The ribbon trim, being embroidered with two delicate rows of exquisite roses has a little weight to it which gives it more body and a little stiffness ( but still soft and pliable ) for edging cushions and throws and clothing. can be used to make bookmarks as well .

This trim has a little sparkle woven into the fabric which gives it a gorgeous treasured look.

the ribbon trim is 3 cms wide and is sold by the meter.

The price is for one meter

If you order more than one meter it will be cut as a continous length.


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