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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Linen Calligraphy script ribbon

Linen Calligraphy script ribbon

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This stunning ribbon made from heavy linen has a printed Calligraphy script with numbers and flourishes in black making it perfect for all mixed media and sewing projects. Wonderful for slow stitching, journaling, and edging clothing and handbags for that extra detail.
This ribbon is so unusual and versatile ...we have used it as an addition to book covers and also it's great to use as a bookmark with perhaps a weighted pendant on the end Combines beautifully with our black sequinned lace
The possibilities are endless.
Width is 6 cm ( approx 2 1/2 inches)
This stunning trim is sold in 2-meter cut lengths.
The price is for 2 meters.

Price does not include old wooden spool. Please note that because this is vintage there could be variations in the ribbon ...not all lengths are exactly the same but each has the same uniqueness and they are all linen with black designs,
It is in perfect condition even though it's Vintage and quite old. Once sold we cannot acquire more.

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