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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Fairybell flower bead. Champagne and Olive

Fairybell flower bead. Champagne and Olive

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This is the most exquisite bead fringing. In dreamy pale colours of Champagne Pink and Olive the flowers are like little fairy bells can just imagine the flowers tinkling .

These beads are made from high quality Acryllic but look like crystal ..the flowers are all wired so you can rearrange them once you have added them to a lampshade or cushion , handbag or article of clothing. It is also possible to turn each drop into an earring or pendant. With a beautiful braid of their own these are all ready to be used...

Perfect for adding to blinds or curtains and using them just as they are as curtain tye -backs.

this is a discontinued line so they are now only 40.00 a meter, down from 60.00.

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