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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Ariette tulle tutu. Midnight Blue

Ariette tulle tutu. Midnight Blue

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The Ariette tulle tutu skirt is romantic and flattering.

The Ariette tulle tutu skirt was created by us here at Miss Rose Sister Violet so that there would be an affordable option for those of us who love Romance and Theatre.
Tired of seeing only the french expensive brands we decided that we ALL need a soft tutu to twirl and dance in, even if it's to the corner store.!!
The colours we have chosen are rich and luxurious and the tulle is soft and flattering, not clinging to the body but floating softly around your legs.
Believe us NEED this tutu !!!
in two sizes
sm/med to fit from petite to size 14
med/large to fit 14-20


Size S/M, Waist (circumference) - 76cm, Hips - 102cm, Length - 82cm 

Size M/L, Waist - 84cm, Hips - 124cm, Length - 87cm 

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