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| By: Yasmin Kerkez

It's time to love yourself again...

Is it just us or has this last year been tough? Actually, if we're being honest, it's possible been longer than that... an increasingly challenging wave of emotions and pressures and failures and struggles and loss and family upsets. We certainly reached the end of 2017 exhausted and feeling confused about how to move forward and which direction to go in.

But one thing was certain - we needed to look inward again, give fuel to our passions and heal our tired souls. And since the beginning of this year that has been our focus. Here in our internal world of Miss Rose Sister Violet we have been focusing on health for 2018 - both mentally and physically. We have looked deep within ourselves and searched for all the broken places in our hearts that needed healing. We have dived to the depths of our souls and searched for all the dying fires that need rekindling. We have peacefully listened to our minds and let them tell us where they are lost, scared, tired, fragile and wounded. We have stopped ignoring our bodies and their tireless ongoing struggle to put up with all the neglect and abuse we throw at them - finally promising to reverse unhealthy habits we have adopted in response to stress and exhaustion. We have made a promise to ourselves that this year health comes first. It MUST. Because without health - there is no way to enjoy the rewards we dream of. And without health there is no way to be the most true versions of ourselves.

So... we wish to share with you our friends all that we find along our healing journey. Inspirational tidbits.. healing recipes... healthy habits... books... art... quotes... anything and everything that will help us all back to a place of loving ourselves and being healthy and strong - in mind and body.

Lets all be kind and loving to ourselves and others, be gentle in all we do and give love to our minds, bodies and souls.

Lets find time to stop and breathe... heal ourselves... and remind ourselves what we love about ourselves and life - and then LIVE that life. Now is the time - to turn inward and find ourselves again. To become healthy, strong and happy. To be selfish so that we can again be selfless. To become strong so that we can again give the best of ourselves to those we love and the world. To find our sparkle again and SHINE like the diamonds we are!

Here are some wonderful quotes to inspire and motivate....











| By: Yasmin Kerkez

Miss Rose Sister Violet Spring Fashion

New to our YouTube channel... a collection of pieces from our Spring Collection....

All available now on our website to enjoy xxxxx


| By: Yasmin Kerkez

Where the fairies roam....

The nights have been warm lately... and afternoons long.... and if you listen carefully you can hear a distant Fairies' song....



From "The Fairy Song"..... by Rose Fyleman, 1919.

| By: Yasmin Kerkez


Take a walk with us to the dark side... and view our new range of BLACK!

And help us celebrate the GRAND OPENING of our new YouTube channel. Follow along and keep an eye out for more adventures....


| By: Gabriella Kerkez

How to Decorate for Easter?

Without question, one of the most loved decorative items for Easter are flowers. Whether they are fresh or artificial or dried - they take center stage or appear as little hints of prettiness amongst decorations. It would certainly be hard to imagine Easter without them!

Here at Miss Rose Sister Violet we love to decorate with flowers and get so excited at the chance to decorate for Easter - a time where tables and gardens and gifts are brought to life for parties and family celebration. Little baskets can be filled with a posy of flowers, watering cans used for table centerpieces, a sprig of leaves or a single flower can be used for gift wrapping - the ideas are endless and all as effective as each other. There is no idea too boring or too elaborate; for all things flowers can add a touch of beautiful magic.

Here is just a selection of some of our most loved Miss Rose Sister Violet products that help decorate Easter! Our floral fabrics used in our bunting, and pretty aprons, our lace containers which are beautiful for table decoration, for gift giving and Easter egg baskets, beautiful silk ribbons which are perfect for just about anything, and lastly our famous velvet flowers which are the perfect touch to finish off any table decoration, gift, Easter basket or garden party!

Lastly, don't forget to look at Pinterest and search for Easter Decorating ideas. Here's a gorgeous little collection we found on Pinterest ourselves. Enjoy!

And Happy Easter! Love Rose and Violet xxxx