Dear September and Virgo Babies,
Here is a delicious Buttercup Cake recipe just for you!! Read below to learn that the Buttercup Flower is one of your special flowers for the month!
(This is a vintage recipe we found that looks delicious. We're going to make ours using plant based butter and milk, and egg replacement. We can't wait!)

Hello to all our good friends who made their first appearance in September and to those born under the sign of Virgo! Did you know that your own special September flower is the Aster? And the flower for Virgo is the Buttercup!

According to the Victorians, Asters are the symbol of daintiness and love, wisdom and faith. And the name Aster is Greek for “star.”

 They’re reminiscent of daisies, and who can forget Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail” who says, “Don’t you just love daisies? They’re so friendly.” Tom Hanks agreed with her, and so do we!

 And lucky you, September babies, your birthstone is the spectacular Sapphire, a gemstone said to represent loyalty and trust, and also offers protection from harm.

 Asters can bloom all year, and oddly enough, although they are most vibrant in early autumn, they come predominately in shades of blue and pink, purple—colors usually associated with Spring. But maybe that’s why they pair so perfectly with those gorgeous blue sapphires!

 September babies and Virgos have lots of wonderful traits. They’re strong, cheerful, loyal and loving, which makes them ideal friends! They’re also sensitive, observant and analytical, and sometimes they can be a teeny bit of a perfectionist but who can blame them? They’re Big Foodies, so they want whatever is on their plate to be just right!

 Virgos have their very own flower, too, and it’s the cheerful, sunny yellow Buttercup! The Buttercups bring two more special traits to September babies: neatness and stability.

 We hope you have fun celebrating your special day, whenever it is in September, and what better way to add to the festivities than your very own “September Music?” Below are some songs you might want to add to your Party Playlist. Enjoy!

Love Rose and Violet xxxxx



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