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| By: Gabriella Kerkez

Tis the Season to be Jolly...?

Tis the season to be jolly! But what if you're not....??

Christmas! Jingling bells and red bows, sparkling lights, tinsel and promises. Everywhere there are reminders - Christmas trees in windows, lights in gardens trailing EVERYWHERE. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, the radio, television, emails and more. We are cajoled and teased, pushed and shoved into thinking, feeling, well... Christmassy!!
Well, what if we don't feel Christmassy? What if there's troubles around us, problems that can't be solved easily, pressures that are crushing us. sadness that is engulfing us...?
Every year at this time it's the usual good cheer and retail push to buy ourselves a place in heaven by spending and wrapping and giving. 
Well - don't panic! Deep breathes. It's okay to not "do" Christmas. It's okay to just gently spoil YOU. Perhaps it's just you and your dog this year? Perhaps it's just you? Perhaps you don't want to see friends and family this year?
Let us be clear - we LOVE Christmas. We adore the fanfare and the pageantry, the bells and whistles, the tinsel and glitter - the more the better we say! Decorate, play carols, bake good food, share, love, enjoy! BUT... if you ARE alone, or just not in the mood this year - please don't despair. The wonderful thing is that all around you, life has finally wound down in the business world - the offices are closed, the emails stop, the phone is quiet. Now is the time for YOU to wind down also - to be gentle with yourself, pamper YOU, collect and cook something yummy, decorate simply - a bowl of red apples with a branch of greenery tied with red bows is enough. Light candles, soak in a deep bath sprinkled with lavender and epsom salts, play music. It's okay to cry if memories are aroused. Sleep in, sleep all day! Go for walks, bundle up warmly into the quiet nights - let your senses take it all in, after all it's so pretty at this time of year. Write poetry, sketch and draw, buy paints and crayons and let your soul come through words and drawings. Write letters - remember? The old fashioned way, with paper and pens!
Use this time of quiet reminisce to reflect and recharge. Accept thoughts and watch over them as they knock on your door. It's up to you if you open that door or not. There is not right or wrong. And more than anything... look after YOU, so that you will be ready to face the New Year.
Merry Christmas from all of us at Miss Rose Sister Violet, and all our love xxxxx

| By: Yasmin Kerkez

What's in a name? And who are Rose and Violet?....


We figure we have at least 652 blog entries to catch up on; a lot to tell you and even more to share.

So lets start from the very beginning....

We love people, we love meeting new kindred souls. It's the conversations we treasure, the exchange of ideas, the passing and sharing of knowledge and experiences. We do so many fairs, both wholesale trade shows where we meet buyers for stores and then retail shows where we meet the customer. At all these fairs we make and meet new friends and revisit with the old. It reminds us of one of our favorite quotes;

"Make new friends
keep the old.
One is silver, the other gold."

We get asked so many questions, so so many, that we often don't have time to answer in full. One question in particular is "why did we name our business Miss Rose Sister Violet?"... Why? Why? Why?

Rose and Violet are our 'Once upon a Time' story; two sisters who lived a long time ago in another world and time. Gentle, beautiful, kind hearted sisters who lived a creative life and loved to wear beautiful clothes and surrounded themselves, their home and garden, with only treasures that made their hearts sing. Not for them the ordinary, the plain - oh no!! Everything had to be special to touch, to hold, to use, to share. They loved reading and writing letters, visiting friends, traveling to faraway places to collect treasures, holding parties, children and animals, cups of tea on the porch ONLY served in pretty china, gardening and making beautiful creations and works of art. They had numerous cats and dogs, and many colorful birds who came visiting the bird feeders each day in their meandering cottage garden. For Rose and Violet life truly was an adventure. And even though they travelled often to faraway places they never forgot to enjoy the treasures right there before them on their own doorstep.

And so that is why we named our business Miss Rose Sister Violet... in keeping with this beautiful vision. Rose and Violet represent all the women we meet; the sisters, mothers, grandmothers, granddaughters, best friends and soul sisters. Women are so powerful - nurturing, helpful, inquisitive, loving and sharing, and they LOVE beauty!! Always and everywhere! Sadly we have experienced that some women do not believe they deserve to live in beauty. We have heard many sad stories on our travels from women who have lost the confidence to surround themselves with what they love and all that makes them feel happy. We want to change that perception and design to make EVERY woman (and child) feel beautiful and special and deserving.

Here is an insight into the behind-the-scenes world of Miss Rose Sister Violet.... some photos from our studio... and two of our founders, Mother and daughter, Gabriella and Yasmin.


These photos are from our private studio; a place quite sacred to us as it is full of memories, treasures and mementos. It is here, surrounded by books, fabrics, laces, trims, velvet flowers and the photos of those we love, that we create and rebound.